Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Women's Wear Daily ~ NEW DIGS

So I periodically google Dallas Maynard and Dallas Maynard Jewelry to check to see if I've missed anything and low and behold this popped up...
To sum it up...it's a link to an article from Women's Wear Daily (also know as "the bible of fashion") about Chicago's Jan/Feb Stylemax Show. MOST important... there was a shout out to Dallas Maynard mentioned as one of Chicago's "New Confirmed Vendors" in NEW DIGS.
Pretty exciting in the world of Dallas Maynard Jewelry! So, those of you lucky enough to be subscribers to the -$99 a year- WWD check it out and send me a copy :) or go to
www.wwd.com and search Dallas Maynard and take a look for yourself.

~A TINY bit of press can sure make this gal happy :)

Chicago's STYLEMAX Show *Jan/Feb* 10

Getting the booth ready for Dallas Maynard Jewelry's first Stylemax Show...

Picking out Vintage and Antique odd's and end's to add the perfect touch...

Before the Jewelry went out...

Eco-friendly- Up-cycled- Recycled- Reclaimed

New pieces to the 2010 COLLECTION~
Lucky Kentucky Derby Necklace & Key to The Polar Bear's Den



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