Monday, August 30, 2010

two day.

found this from a great blog...i would suggest checking it out if you like any of the following... round glasses, dolly parton, vintage, sass and turquoise.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

things i like today.

Fela Kuti...

and his sweet, sweet jams.

by: Amy Rice

let's go everywhere.

shoes into art...

by Belgian artist: Bart Persons



Townes Van Zant.

thank you.

ice cream for two.

Lost Things

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

from one blog to another...

if it wasn't for you...

who would i make jewelry for!

i met Amy while getting ready to hop on my boyfriend's scooter after enjoying a yummie dinner at chen's in wrigleyville.
Amy's mission is to "raise awareness of chicago's vibrant street style scene."
i can't wait to make Amy's first piece of Dallas Maynard Jewelry!!!
keep your eye on her blog...she really gets out there to discover some great finds!!!!



Lindsey is a clothing rep here in chicago. i had the pleasure of meeting her the first time i showed my line at stylemax! i LOVE her style...she's absolutely the cutest!!!

check out her blog...i am SO flattered to be one of her favorite jewelry designers!!!

i've highlighted Lindsey on my blog before...
she's the itty-bitty cutie wearing the "Double Knuckle Raven Skull Ring" with the fuzzy little pupper in her lap!!



ya see, it's easy...