Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jewelry, Family and Coffee... My Three Favorite Things

It all started a couple years ago when I was participating in a local art fair...

As we all know, art fairs are typically filled to the brim with strange creations from experimenting artist... so I was relieved when Ashley and her tremendously stylish friends came up to check out my jewels! After chatting for a few, she picked out the Spoon and Fork -Best Friend Necklaces (above) for her and her sister... also admiring the Vintage Brooch Double Knuckle Ring (above)...
Long story short, her Father called me up requesting the Vintage Brooch Double Knuckle Ring as a gift for her! During my chat with Dave (Ashley's Father), he reviled to me that he was photographer... and of course I jumped at the opportunity of having him photograph Ashley and her Sister wearing their new Dallas Maynard jewels!!

***Many thanks to Dave Volden for shooting such greats pictures of these two beauties!!... And many thanks to Ashley and Christie Volden for their support!!

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